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Kitchen Renovation For Melbourne Families

We moved a few years back once we had our 3rd. the family was just to big for the old apartment we had but we did make a real sacrifice on a few things to keep the new place affordable.

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Not Your Run of the Treadmill Melbourne

Lifespan Fitness, remember that name because those guys know fitness equipment. Their range is excellent but that’s borderline compulsory in the industry, what’s impressive is how well they know it. No matter who you speak to over at Lifespan, you are met with a wealth of information and handy advice that helps you to find the perfect piece of equipment for your needs and of course, your budget. Continue Reading

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Home Extensions in no Time

We downsized a few years back and were quite happy living at our new place. All the kids had flown the coop and things were pretty peaceful. Our place now is a lot smaller but we had quite a lot of underutilised land out the back and we were somewhat inspired to build like a little granny flat out the back.

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Great Wheel Balancer

There are few things that affect a car more than wheel balance. When your travelling at pace it’s all about achieving the smoothest possible ride and eliminating any imbalance in wheels usually addresses that problem.

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Caring for our Parents

It has been some time since a blog post, June 17th to be exact, and I am not sure why it has been so long since I have shared my life with the online world.

One reason could be, my parents are getting older and I seem to be looking after them a lot more than I used to and the time I was going to spend on updating my blog (blogs) was spent organising things and being there to care for them.

I also joined a thing called BNI, which gives you the opportunity to network with other local business owners and refer business to each other.

In this group that I joined, there is a lady by the name of Penny, she runs a company called Care3 which specialises in Aged Care Management.

As I needed help with my parents anyway, I thought I would give her a try because she seemed to know what she was talking about and has had experience with all the people in the aged care system.

This brings me back to blog, Penny has helped so much that I now have time to write again.

If your parents are getting older and need looking after but do not need a carer, make sure you speak to Penny from Care3, she knows her stuff.

*BTW, she is only Melbourne based.


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