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Avoid mayhem in your life with moving boxes in Melbourne

Almost anyone will tell you that one of the biggest transitional periods of your life is the time in-between moving homes. Hiring moving boxes in Melbourne is a fantastic way to put things in to perspective and help you get your lives and homes in order.

Guardian Storage know that it is often necessary to put things in to storage whilst you are trying to sell your home, and likewise you may need moving boxes if you haven’t found a new place before settlement and need to stay with family and friends for a short period.

That is why they were so helpful with flexible time periods, allowing us access to our moving boxes in Melbourne, and keeping their prices low. Guardian Storage know moving and they know of all the additional costs involved, so they will help you along the way

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Café Blinds for Brunch at Home

The great thing about living in a beautiful, stylish and creative city like Melbourne is the osmosis effect. Creativity breeds creativity and what’s the use of being exposed to all these great ideas if you don’t make use of them for yourself.

My boyfriend and I spend a lot of time in cafes but we also like entertaining at home. He suggested we look into getting café blinds for our place and it really was a great idea. Our home was already fantastic for entertaining but the café blinds from Blockout Blinds have really taken it to the next level. Now our place is one of our favourite places to eat and that is a really lovely thing… we never have to make a booking

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Get Housing Bond Loans in Victoria

Property prices increased some 15% last year and you can bet rental prices will be the next to follow. Rental prices tend to rise more incrementally and predictably but as a long-term renter, I’ve been a little alarmed over the last few years.

Last year we had a baby and had to move to a very different property from what my partner and I had been used to. The new place is great but to tell you the truth, it’s well out of our budget. We found we had to offer well above the asking rental rate to find anything. Of course theirs a big shortfall between the bond we were refunded on our last place and the new one. Housing Bond Loans were fantastic, stepping in to save the day with great rates for housing bond loans in Victoria. Visit

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Skinny Jeans for Men, Just the Right Amount of Skinny

Skinny jeans for men; some people like them, others hate them. I think good fashion is always divisive because it means you’re doing something people notice. I like to be functional and comfortable when I go out, but there’s nothing wrong with crafting out a little bit of style while you’re at it.

My jeans mostly come from Nobody Jeans because they have a good range of skinny jeans for men that are just the right amount of skinny. Now that’s a personal preference but for me and my mates they seemed to really have nailed the look and feel we’re after. The site is good for all sorts of cool clothing and I actually got my first pair of Nobody’s from my girlfriend, who obviously has impeccable taste.

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Better Car Servicing in Melbourne

Getting decent car servicing in Melbourne will cost you a pretty penny. There’s really no two ways about it. Naturally there’s a pretty big range within that bracket of quality servicing and convenience needs to be considered as an important factor.

I pretty much rule out anyone that can’t offer a mobile service though sometimes I’m happy to take it to the shop, it all just depends. I like building a relationship with a company and for me over the years, this has been Ace Mobile. All there guys have similar excellent training and experience and their car servicing in Melbourne is second to none. They aren’t always the absolute cheapest but their pretty good and when you compare it to what you actually get they are miles ahead.

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Great Bond Loans in QLD

When it comes to loans the only thing that separates one company from another are the conditions and rates. All the other gimmicks and service elements are a bonus, but it’s the bottom line that matters. I did my homework on bond loans in QLD and across all the providers, Rent Bond Move really stood out.

They are lovely to talk to and provide as good service as the best of them but they really stood out where it mattered. I was able to negotiate a great rate on bond loans in QLD and the terms are really fair. They did a minimal amount of research into my financial situation, which you expect, but nothing that seemed overly insulting or invasive. Bond loans in QLD can be a great help but you need to find the right provider.

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